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Is Print Marketing Better Than Digital Marketing?
In recent years, many businesses have been making the switch to digital. Others remain firmly loyal to print, posing the enduring question: print marketing vs digital marketing – which is better? Print marketing is tried and tested. We know what to expect; it’s authentic and trustworthy. But print marketing also faces accusations of being outdated and expensive. By contrast, digital is fast, accurate and cost-effective. But it’s also impersonal, less memorable and intangible; you don’t want your campaign to get lost in the ephemeral digital clutter of today’s online world. In most cases, it really depends on the context. You’ll need different campaigns for different products, and different forms of media will be more effective at targeting different audiences. Here to help you make an informed decision, Chilliprinting bring you the definitive guide to print marketing vs digital marketing, outlining the pros and cons of each strategy.
Print Marketing Continues to Evolve
The myth that print marketing is dead is a pernicious one. In reality, print media has evolved with the help of new technology. Various advancements, such as the use of Augmented Reality (AR) (more on that later), have transformed print into a powerful medium. Furthermore, advancements in printing methods, such as variable data printing, have seriously lowered printing costs. So if your business rules out print marketing without understanding the nature of modern printing, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities for growth.
Print Marketing Builds Meaningful Connections
The tactile quality of printed media taps into consumer’s ‘haptic memory’ (touch memory), which is proven to be the most lasting form of emotional connection. The aesthetics of print marketing also give it a customized, personal feel, which lend printed media an inimitable trustworthiness. Recent studies have shown that potential customers are far more likely to trust your company when your marketing is presented via high-quality print, such as luxury brochures or thick gsm flyers. Gaining trust is a crucial part of any business, and is also helpful for organizations in the charity sector – direct-mail postcards and newsletters can boost donations by up to fifty percent. Moreover, printed materials can be kept. If you design a beautiful flyer, your audience may well keep a hard copy, which they can engage with over and over again. Print marketing thus affords businesses a much higher level of impact than digital marketing can achieve, building more meaningful and long-lasting connections with consumers.
Print Marketing is Good for our Brains
Recent findings in the field of neuroscience suggest that print marketing offers special advantages in connecting with our brains. In a study sponsored by Canada Post and executed by Canadian neuromarketing firm TrueImpact, the effects of print marketing (in this case, direct mail) were compared with those of digital media (email and display advertisements). Conventional questionnaires, combined with eye-tracking and high-resolution EEG brain wave measurement, were used to evaluate cognitive engagement, assessing how much each medium held consumer attention and motivated engagement. The study showed that direct mail was far easier to process cognitively, and tested better when it came to brand recall. According to the report: “Direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media, suggesting that it is both easier to understand and more memorable.”
Print Marketing is More Effective On the Ground
Using printed media, such as posters or leaflets, can help you reach your target audience much more easily. For a small business with a local reach, print marketing is super effective, as it creates local brand recognition and guides customers directly to your premises. Print marketing is an important part of any effective on ground or guerilla marketing campaign. If you want to reach people on the streets, or target specific demographics (perhaps people who go to a certain type of restaurant or shop), then you can’t beat print.
ChilliprintingApril 3, 2018